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CALM - Crisis, Aggression, Limitation and Management


CALM Training®, a BILD accredited training provider, offers high quality, effective services and training programmes to enable better organisational and individual responses to challenging behaviour, including aggression and violence from users of the human services.

The perception that many staff groups are exposed to increasing levels of aggressive behaviour from service users is widespread within many professional groups. The repeated lesson from research is that "quick fix" solutions invariably make the problem worse.

CALM Training has been developed and refined over many years. We question many of the traditional assumptions and approaches to the problem, and seek to assist employers and staff to develop coherent, effective, long term strategies for managing and reducing the risks faced by practitioners.

CALM achieves best outcome results in the biggest government funded international restraint reduction study undertaken to date (see evaluations)

CALM acknowledged as achieving positive outcomes including lowest injury rate in recently published UK Government Reports (see evaluations)          

Specialists in the management of challenging behaviour. Core elements include positive behaviour support and trauma informed care perspectives.

Accredited under the British Institute for Learning Disability (BILD) Physical Intervention accreditation scheme developed on behalf of The Department of Education and Skills and the Department of Health and adheres to the BILD Code of Practice

Contributors to national and international conferences, policy development and research initiatives . Bespoke, quality assured training tailored to the needs of customer. Long term solutions. Providers of training and consultancy in restraint reduction strategies

Finalists in the National Training Awards

EDI endorses CALM & SAFE for Physical Intervention Training in the Security Industry - Go to Whats New page to read more